Party and Bulk Orders are Taken

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Terms & conditions


1. Cut-off time to place/cancel/modify orders is 10am same day for lunch and 6pm same day for dinner.
2. For any enquiry, please call  +91 9117864786 and +91 8987027989
3. Minimum order value is Rs 250 exclusive of delivery charge.
4. Hot Tiffin reserves the right to cancel/modify the meals. However, we will try to inform you in advance about the same.
5. Hot Tiffin reserves the right to discontinue the meal service of any customer.
6.  All the prices/charges of meal service are inclusive of taxes and are subject to change.
7.  Necessary arrangements for delivery have to be made by the customer at the delivery point. In most cases, the delivery persons are not allowed to enter the building premises.
8.  If the food is cooked and due to some circumstances beyond our control like heavy rains or other natural calamity ir riots , the meal may not be delivered and the amount will be non-refundable.